10 AdWords ad copy testing ideas you can use right now

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One of the most important attributes of a successful PPC manager is the ability to incorporate new technologies in existing management strategies. With the official sunset of AdWords standard text ads and the introduction of AdWords IF Functions, we must develop ways to fuse the new with the old.

At my company, we see how today’s top advertisers are using these changing technologies to evolve their creative testing strategies. This article is designed to keep you up to date and fuel your creative testing fire with 10 testing ideas that are sure to drive huge performance changes.

Best practices for ad copy testing

Before we get started with testing ideas, let’s touch on good fundamentals.

Aggregate data across ad groups and campaigns (where it makes sense). The more volume, the better. Aggregating data across similar ad groups or campaigns can help you speed up your tests and uncover more reliable findings. There are technologies out there that will help you improve the specificity of your ad creative at the ad group level, while still testing at scale. Ad Customizers and IF Functions are two great resources.

Even if a test doesn’t yield a winner, still consider it a win. Sometimes testers get discouraged if they don’t encounter a big win in their first test iterations. Remember, proving something is a non-winner is just as important. These insights will help you prevent making costly mistakes in the future.

Multivariate test to find the truest results. If you don’t test all possible permutations within an experiment, your results may be invalid. Remember, some creative may only work well when paired with other creative elements or landing pages — or some creative may only work well within certain campaigns. These differences make multivariate testing imperative to any good testing strategy.

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Jason Puckett is the CEO & Founder of AdBasis. Ad creative optimization is the name of Jason’s game. AdBasis is an A/B and Multivariate testing platform for search, social, display, remarketing & mobile ads. Jason is a digital marketing strategist, ad optimization expert and conversion rate enthusiast. AdBasis has helped over 1,000 companies improve their paid media through creative testing.


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