4 lessons from a decade of ad tech disruption

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Since the first RTB ad was placed in 2010, our industry’s story has been one of rapid, often painful evolution. Alongside the technological disruption, however, we have also seen numerous troubling revelations that shook marketers’ confidence, and in turn changed their approach.

Just as programmatic and social began to take off, news emerged detailing the extent of ad fraud, the vast quantity of non-viewable impressions, the prevalence of ad blocking and the opaque measurement practices by those who came to be known as the walled gardens. As much as new technology forced changes to our business, these crises of confidence forced changes to the way we approach the technology and understand its outcomes.

Today’s advertisers operate with a keener eye toward the details, second-guessing their claims and results, no longer taking anything for granted. These general lessons from ad tech are applicable across the full marketing stack, especially as the lines between ad tech and martech begin to blur.

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Chuck Moran is responsible for leading RhythmOne’s creative products team to find unique opportunities in a dynamic, digital marketplace. With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Chuck has developed a broad understanding of the connected consumer and how brands can engage them through technology-driven, creative solutions and programmatic buying.


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