5 steps to success for low-conversion-volume accounts in AdWords

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Imagine this: you’re happily working away in your busy AdWords accounts, looking at hundreds, or maybe even thousands of conversions a week. Pretty simple, right?!

But then someone throws a curveball at you: an account that only generates a few conversions a month. Goodbye, easy optimization! Hello, outside-the-box thinking.

So, what’s tough about it?

The obvious issue is that you have less data to work with, meaning optimization is more difficult. It’s also harder to measure performance and growth over time. And what about testing? We all know that this is the bread and butter of any good PPC manager. Yet when you get little in the way of conversions, it’s not so simple!

Now, you may be feeling frustrated, thinking that there is nothing you can do with low-volume accounts and that they’re forever destined to have minimal changes and little growth. Think again! In this article, I’m going to give you some steps to success when it comes to optimizing low-conversion-volume accounts in AdWords, addressing Goals, Conversions, Audiences, Optimization and Testing.

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Anna is a PPC Team Leader at UK-based digital marketing agency, Merkle | Periscopix. With 4 years’ experience in the industry, she oversees strategy on a number of accounts that sit within her team. She is also actively involved in client work in an Account Director capacity, with a particular focus on B2B. With a background in languages and a previous career as a translator, she’s also interested in international expansion and global strategy.


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