Ad-blocking concerns shift to the video ad industry

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The media storm around ad blocking may appear to have subsided somewhat, but the obstruction this phenomenon has implanted in the online ecosystem is still very real.

Almost a third of internet users are expected to use ad-blocking software in 2017 — a 24 percent year-on-year increase — and digital publishers stand to lose over $27 billion globally by 2020 if the issue is not satisfactorily addressed.

Reactions to ad blocking vary greatly. Some large media companies pay the providers of ad blocking software up to 30 percent of ad revenue to whitelist their sites, while others, such as Facebook, are taking a stand against ad blocking but risking user discontent by finding ways to circumvent the software.

While ad blocking has so far been a general issue across the entire online ecosystem, 2017 will be the year it becomes a major concern for the video advertising industry. So what makes ad blocking particularly relevant to video advertising, and how can its impact be reduced?

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Alex Bornyakov is CEO and co-founder of VertaMedia, the online video supply-side platform (SSP). Alex began his career in software outsourcing services and software production management over a decade ago. Since 2005, he has been holding key positions in different IT companies. In 2008, Alex established VertaMedia in partnership with his co-founders and built it into a trusted and well-regarded international digital marketing company that specializes in video advertising.


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