Content Marketing Has Become Risky Business: How to Win in a Data-Driven World

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Though no longer a new concept, content marketing still regarded as a surefire way for marketers to tell their brand story and win the hearts and minds of customers.

The truth is more complex than that.

Delivering quality content to educate and build trust with customers is a sound concept, but actually executing on that idea—in a way that serves both the customer and the marketer—has never been more difficult.

Generating high-quality content is risky business: It takes time, coordination, and money to produce pieces that will capture your audience’s attention. And with 2.5 quintillion bytes of online data being created each day, we’ve entered a vortex of neverending content, making it nearly impossible for content consumers to differentiate valuable information from background noise.

If you are one of the countless marketers who has arrived at a similar conclusion, you might find yourself asking some soul-searching questions:

  • What can be done to revive the deteriorating standard of content?
  • How can we improve the content experience both for consumers and for marketers?
  • How can we harness data to create personalized content that serves the user in a more meaningful way?

There is good news: Martech proliferation, limitless creativity, and forward-thinking leadership are propelling content marketing into a new age of growth and development.

Content marketing can—and will—be saved. Here’s how.

The Thirst for Immersive, Interactive Content Experiences


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