CRM, data science, and website design skills are the most important for over half of marketing technologists

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You hear a lot these days about machine learning in marketing tools. But a new report — from digital marketing agency SapientNitro, in collaboration with our MarTech Conference and its organizer,’s Scott Brinker — finds that machine learning is only in the lower fourth of tech job skills needed by marketing technologists.

Marketing technologists are known by various titles, but their job description puts them at the intersection of marketing/business, martech, and an ability to work with audiences. The report, “Defend, Disrupt, and Transform: The Critical Role of the Marketing Technologist in the Digital Era,” says they are “part business strategist and marketing professional, part technology and change agent,” with the goal of changing marketing, customer experience and IT “in service of creating competitive advantage.”

Three skill sets are cited as the top ones by more than half of the respondents: CRM systems and platforms; data science, analytics, and modeling; and website design, including responsive and adaptive design.

It’s important to maintain and develop tech skills, the study says, in order to maintain a hybrid tech/marketing role that will help lead an organization toward digital business transformation, instead of gravitating toward a pure marketing role.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]


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