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Tony Robbins believes emotions are the most important factors that determine success. Emotions are everything  Robbins said. 

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

1. Raise Your Standards

Tony Robbins often says that the way we frame the things that we want to achieve often defines whether or not we will achieve them. If we only think of our objectives as “goals” or things we “should” get done, we’re not likely to make it. But if we make them “musts,” we’re a lot more likely to achieve.

2. Seek True Fulfillment

When people find a task or work that truly makes them feel happy and fulfilled, their power becomes magnified. His takeaway is that you hold the key to happiness inside yourself; find that key and you’ll be happy regardless of external circumstances.

3. Progress Leads to Happiness

Moving forward on your goals and dreams is the highest expression of human happiness. There is nothing better that facing a difficult challenge and meeting it. Therefore, if you want to be happy, don’t put aside your goals and aspirations; instead embrace the hardship with the knowledge that happiness is the reward. Push through fear. Once you make progress you will then be encouraged to set higher goals and reach new levels of success.

4. Love Your Customers

Tony Robbins teaches that you must embrace your customers in order to find success. Your customers are the people who make your dreams possible, and the more you can do for them, the more you can express your care, the better they will reward you.

5. Add Value

One of the best of Tony Robbins top 10 rules for success is this: go above and beyond. To find success, say you’ll deliver by Tuesday and get it done on Monday. Go the extra mile. It’s a principle almost all successful people live by – Add value, get rewarded. If your thought process is only “what’s in it for me” you are never likely to be successful, however if your focus is on adding value to others lives “what do they get out of it” it’s almost guaranteed your reward will be higher, both financially and absolutely emotionally.

6. Prepare An Exit Strategy

Not every dream works out, but that’s ok — as long as you know this is the case, and you’re not putting all your energy, time, and resources into one goal, you can still find success and happiness. You’ve just got to be prepared to move on to the next thing. Even if you have a successful business, have an exit strategy: be prepared to sell and move on if needed. This can not be confused with quitting – NEVER QUIT!

7. Be Resourceful

To many people exhaust the official channels for getting something done, then just give up. Don’t allow yourself to be defeated easily. Instead, be resourceful. Find everything that can help you make progress, and use it. Seek the people you need to learn from, and model their successful habits.

8. Details Matter

It has been said that greatness is a lot of small things done well, day after day. This is one of the keys to success, according to Robbins. Small things often matter, so take the time to do them right.

9. Look For Leverage

Sometimes we end up fighting uphill battles that we’re just not suited for. Don’t try to fight gravity. Instead, look for levers that will make your goals more attainable. Break down big problems into small sections, and address them one by one. Outsourcing is a great way to leverage.

10. Change your mindset

Our minds are our most powerful asset. Even though we cannot control the external world, we can control one thing completely: our mindset. The right mindset will see you through the most challenging situations; the wrong mindset will let amazing opportunities slip through your fingers. Change your mind, and change your life.


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