Earth Networks CMO says martech delivers a lasting first impression within the prospect experience

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Earth Networks CMO Anuj Agrawal has more than a decade leading marketing strategy for B2B data and organizations focused on SaaS (software as a service).

“I’ve lived and learned what it takes to drive customer acquisition, identify cross-sell opportunities and maximize retention,” says Agrawal. The CMO says his background spans all different levels of business maturity, working with everyone from venture-backed organizations to later-stage companies.

In his current role, Agrawal oversees all marketing and product functions for Earth Networks, a technology-driven solution that helps mitigate weather-related financial, operational and human risks for numerous industries, including airports, broadcast companies and energy and utility organizations.

According to Agrawal, the prospect experience is about making a great impression from the very first touch point — and for him, martech plays a crucial role in that experience. He uses an example of a brick-and-mortar retail store greeter to emphasize his case.

“It’s like walking into a department store and being greeted by someone who is waiting for their shift to end or someone who sincerely wants to help you solve your need. That is when a first impression is born,” explains Agrawal. “From a marketer’s perspective, that can be the first place someone sees your brand. The language and messaging you use in the first email the prospect receives, or the customer focus your sales team has during the first sales call.”

The way Agrawal sees it, martech fits into that journey by giving brands insight into market needs — allowing them to get into their prospect’s head and empathize with whatever their business struggle may be.

“Whether through surveys, intent information [or] other behavioral queues, you can craft your messaging dynamically for each prospect’s unique pain point.”

Agrawal will be joining the CEO and founder of IntelliPhi, Anand Thaker, to discuss how companies are using marketing technology throughout the customer-to-prospect journey at this year’s MarTech Conference in Boston.

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