Why My Email Open Rate Is Very Low?

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One Reason Why My Email Open Rate Is Very Low

I want to share my experience how you can improve your email open and click through rate.

In a beginning my email open rate was like this in a picture below:

(one of few lists)

After a while it suddenly goes down and I was thinking what’s the problem?

The problem was not in my email copy write not because I did sent some crap to my list the problem was actually in my email delivery ! All my emails went to my leads spam folder ! That was the main reason why my email open rate is very low but what cause the problem?

After I fixed that:

The problem was in my domain name, for some reason my domain name has been blacklisted (  this is happening if you’re outsourcing your marketing ) and that’s why my leads get my messages to their spam folder instead of inbox. I just simply created another email inbox in my hosting cPanel on different domain name and setup as default in my Getresponse account.

That was the main reason why my email open rate is very low! This is only one trick if you will of many reasons why emails open rate is very low.

I would suggest you to make a test on your opt in pages once a month to make sure that your message is delivered to the inbox NOT to spam folder.

Please don’t forget to share this information to your friends if they have the same problem, thank you.




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