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Facebook messenger marketing automation bot that having all the functionality of the best email marketing platforms out there driven by the behaviors of the prospect… highly segmented… custom messaging… personal interaction and easy to use.

If you use Facebook in any way, shape, or form to grow your business than you NEED the new Opesta software. It transforms how you’ll use Facebook Messenger in your business. Leveraging your prospects attention on Facebook can be the one thing that could double your business this year.

It can actually increase conversions within 48 hours if someone really uses it. No new work needed either! Just putting the campaigns in place with what you already have.

Opesta was the Facebook Messenger software I didn’t know I NEEDED

If you had to pick the worst marketing strategy to use in the digital age, what would you pick?Maybe, printed mail campaigns or billboards ads? Well, what if I told you it wasn’t those, and I’m 99.9% sure you’re not going to get it because this marketing strategy should FLOURISH in the digital age, not FAIL in it…

The answer is: Chatbots.

A bold statement I know, but let me explain why Chatbots are the worst marketing strategy to use in the digital age. You’d think, they’d be perfect because:

●  Millennials check their phones 150x a day..

●  There are 1 billion active FB Messenger users every single day..

●  Your product is essentially in their pockets..

And, that would all be great. If Chatbots actually worked. Kind of ironically, instead of being the new modern way to market, they’ve dragged us back to the stone age (as far as marketing is concerned.)

The age where you’d be on the phone, and be asked about 328283x to press number 1 for ‘yes’….you’d press it……then the same automated message would ask you AGAIN or say ‘they didn’t register your action.’  Ugh. That was the epitome of frustration, and now Chatbots have tragically taken up that role in the digital age. They are the monster child, of automated sales calls. Long story short watch a video to how Facebook Messenger Marketing Bot will help to your business online.

This is the future of Facebook Messenger Marketing, so it makes sense to register now and be ahead of your competition.

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