Five indicators of whether you’re doing everything you should with your business’s data

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Your boss or colleague has gone on another one of those industry conference trips. You know the scenario: she heads off on a plane and comes back throwing around buzzwords she read in industry literature or heard in cutting-edge sessions.

Now she wants to know the company’s strategy on content optimization or Big Data. Sometimes, it feels as if the boss brought a monkey back with her, and the little rascal just won’t get off your back. As the new pet project, he consumes your resources and chews up the limited time you have to perform your job well.

Senior managers are great at facing these monkeys. When subordinates bring in monkeys they want to stick to their boss’ backs, managers know to direct the conversation so that, ultimately, subordinates take their monkeys back out with them. And, you can, too.

At some point, these conversations are going to happen in your company, if they haven’t already. So, it’s time to prepare — prepare to unbury yourself from a pile of buzzwords by turning them into intelligent and worthwhile questions about digital marketing maturity — questions you can stick to inquirers’ backs as their new pet projects.

How do you assess your organization’s data maturity, and how can you move it forward?

Truth be told, the entire organization should be on board with thinking about and solving pertinent digital maturity issues. Here are five questions you should be considering to help your company take solid steps toward digital maturity.

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