Google AMP breaks the desktop search results

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It looks like the Google desktop search results are partially broken right now. If you search Google on desktop for any query that returns pages that are AMP-ready, such as [amp], Google will show an AMP logo next to the result.


But if you try to click on the result, it won’t work.

So there are two bugs:

(1) Google should not show AMP results on desktop. They should only show in the mobile results.

(2) If you try to click on them, it doesn’t take you to the page. Truth is, when I tried it 10 minutes ago, it did take me to the AMP version but now it takes me nowhere.

It seems like a bug.

Google’s AMP tech lead, Malte Ubl, said on Twitter that he is informing the search team now. So it looks like Google is already trying to fix their search results.

Postscript: After about an hour or more of this bug, Google is now rolling out a fix – at least it looks like a fix is rolling out now.

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