How marketers’ influence can expand beyond lead gen: Utilizing remarketing for nurturing leads

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When it comes to lead generation, quality is the name of the game. A paid media campaign may generate a record number of leads, but if they don’t turn into sales, the media spend has been a waste.

Many marketers feel their hands are tied. Once the lead is generated, the typical nurture process is handed off to the CRM team. Can anything be done — from a media perspective — to assist with the lead nurture process and turn leads into sales? The short answer: Yes!

Here are three steps digital advertisers can take to nurture leads into sales.

1. Utilize RLSA targeting for lead advancement

Remarketing for Search Ads (RLSA) is a great way to reach previous website visitors when they are searching. You can use RLSA to continuously reach prospects after they have completed a lead form.

First, I recommend that you create a remarketing list for users who have filled out your lead form. Second, identify what searches these potential customers might be making next. And third, serve ads to these “leads” as they continue to search and move through their buying journey.

Here are three tips to help you understand prospects’ search behavior and gather these “next step” RLSA keywords:

  1. See what site searches are conducted after a lead form is completed. Your site’s Google Analytics will tell you what your audience continues to search for as they advance along the customer journey.
  2. Consult with your CRM and sales teams. Learn the kinds of questions and feedback they get when interacting with potential customers. This is invaluable qualitative information that can provide great insight into your customers’ next steps. Choose keywords that reflect customers’ interests, and also their concerns.
  3. Focus on terms related to ‘reviews,’ ‘how-to’ and ‘best.’ The prospect has already expressed interest in your product offering (by completing a lead form). The next logical step along the journey is to understand what the community is saying and what solutions are out there, and to gather other general information about the industry. Ensure your ad is serving on these terms. Create a relevant landing page for prospects that speaks to your credibility and what your current customers are saying, and make sure you provide additional resources and assets that add value.

2. Tailor your remarketing message for leads

Whether display or search (RLSA) remarketing, you will want your message to be fine-tuned to this audience and this specific remarketing list (i.e., prospects who have already completed a lead form).

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