How This Viral Star Went From Background Dancer to Rising Hip-Hop Artist

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November 1, 2018 2 min read
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In episode 12 of Leaders Create Leaders, Entrepreneur Network partner Gerard Adams talks with Danileigh about climbing up through the music industry ranks via internet videos, releasing her first album and getting signed to Def Jam Recordings.

The two begin their discussion while speaking about Danileigh’s early beginnings in dance. She started young — taking classes and developing her training to get to a point where she was prepared to sign with a L.A. dance agency. After spending some time posting videos of herself online, dancing as well as singing, she began to establish herself as also a vocal artist. At one point, the performer declined a tour as a back-up dancer to a popular artist to concentrate on her own music career.

In addition to reviewing some of Danileigh’s musical and entrepreneurial inspirations, the two chat about her overall creative process. The singer-dancer talks through what steps she takes to start a new track or outline a new video. She describes how she is able to hear a sample piece of melody or rhythym within the studio environment and begin the process from simply the feel of the material.

To hear more from Adams and Danileigh’s conversation, click the video.

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