How to Build Interactive Content to Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals

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For a piece of digital content to succeed, it needs to engage. That may sound trite, but engagement is the biggest challenge for content marketers today, and it’s nearly always the deciding factor between a hit campaign and a miss that “fell just short.”

And in a content landscape that increasingly values originality, one way savvy content marketers are engaging audiences (and so achieving their digital marketing goals) is the creation of compelling interactive content.

What Is Interactive Content?

It comes in many forms, but all interactive content shares one main trait: It’s built to have an audience actively engage with it in a way that isn’t solely reading.

Interactive content is nearly always customizable. It allows user input, and it is functional only when a user engages with it.

You’ll recognize typical interactive content: calculators, polls, maps, and even quizzes that find out what your pizza slice says about your personality. And at least for this content marketer, that quiz was dead-on:

The Technical Truth About Interactive Content

You may be thinking, “Fine, but I don’t have the technical chops to pull this off.”


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