How to rebuild a martech stack: Entuity marketing VP on lessons learned during yearlong audit

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As Entuity’s vice president of global marketing, Laurie Klausner manages all marketing technology for the network analytics software platform.

After joining the company three years ago, one of Klausner’s first major projects was a complete audit of Entuity’s martech stack.

“In essence, we looked at everything we were using,” says Klausner.

During the yearlong project, she says one of the biggest eye-openers for her was the number of tools being used by a limited number of people as a result of her team being split between two different continents.

“We are a global marketing team, so a fair number of my direct reports work out of our London office where Entuity’s headquarters are,” says Klausner, “Some of us are here in Massachusetts, so it was very disjointed.”

She says the two marketing offices — one in London and one in Massachusetts — were often using different marketing technology.

“That was a big challenge for us — to determine what was being used and then, most importantly, what makes the most sense so that we are all looking at the same information and have the same data.”

To get a full view of what was at play, Klausner used CabinetM, a digital marketing management solution that helps marketers assess how their marketing tools are performing, where there are gaps and how to integrate or replace new technology. She says building Entuity’s marketing stack on CabinetM offered visibility into the changes that needed to happen.

“Using these stacks really helped us put a visual guide behind what we should do and what kind of money we were spending,” says Klausner. “There were also tools we thought were valuable that when we stacked them up, it didn’t make sense. There were some things that made sense locally, but not globally — and that was a learning point for us.”

Klausner will be a panelist on the “Insights from Inside the Marketing Stacks of Red Wing Shoe Co., iCrossing and Entuity” session led by CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton. Today she’s sharing the lessons she learned during that extensive martech audit, and how it helped realign her company’s overall marketing efforts.

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