How to set up a successful revenue-generating demand gen system

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Marketers are expected to focus on the bottom line, and measurement is key to accomplishing that.

A lot of startups get sloppy and charge head-first into execution without focusing on the foundations of marketing and analytics. Execution is important, but it must be built on the foundation of a solid strategy. The most efficient way to execute marketing campaigns is by setting up your goals and tracking elements first.

I remember working tirelessly (I’m talking no-sleep-till-Brooklyn style) at a startup that was executing all kinds of campaigns. From events to emails to social advertising, nothing seemed like it was generating leads. At least, not qualified leads that sales actually wanted to follow up with.

The problem was that my focus was in the wrong place. I was running like a hamster in a ball, working really hard to increase the pipeline volume for the organization. Then I realized that it wasn’t more hours, labor, or even leads that I needed. What I needed was a perspective shift and a strategy makeover.

I needed to make the switch from volume-driven to revenue-driven. I changed my mindset to focus on revenue-generating activities and measured every stage of the funnel. I set the journey to be such that the leads coming into the funnel were the ones who were ready to purchase the product (rather than every onlooker I could convince to fill out a form).

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