Is ABM really a better mousetrap?

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Almost every day, it seems like a new marketing software or services vendor pops up positioning itself as “The ABM Company.” But riddle me this: When you examine these account-based marketing vendors closely, why is it they all seem to do something different? If Account-based Marketing (ABM) is a particular marketing technique, shouldn’t it be, basically, the same thing for everyone?

The truth is, just as the word “marketing” can be used to mean anything from product strategy to brand-building to sales enablement, ABM is an umbrella term comprising a host of possibilities that share one important characteristic: they shift the marketing unit of attention from individuals to the companies these contacts play a role in.

So, if you are doing ABM but finding it to be tough sledding, or if you have been hesitant to try because a vendor’s offering didn’t make sense in your situation, it’s time have another look at the concept. Why? Because you can drive real value for your business with an ABM approach that’s right for you.

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