Janrain offers one of the first GDPR portals for consumer data management

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GDPR is coming.

And, this week, identity management provider Janrain is launching one of the first solutions for brands to manage consumer data after the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect about a year from now.

GDPR stipulates that consumers control and must provide explicit consent for use of their personal data, including behavioral data like which sites they visit. It applies to any company marketing or providing services to European Union (EU) citizens, wherever they live — which means essentially every company of any size, since they all have some EU citizens in their marketing sphere.

Although it still remains to be seen how strictly GDPR will be enforced outside of the EU, it could dramatically alter digital marketing and advertising in those countries. And it could have a substantial impact in the US and other non-EU markets.

Janrain provides social login capabilities for about 2,100 companies. That’s the infrastructure that asks you, when you visit a Janrain-enabled site, if you’d like to log in using your username and password from Facebook, Twitter or other social sites. You are also asked to which portions of that social profile you will allow access by the site you are logging onto.

Janrain’s new Consent Lifecycle Management does something similar. Designed specifically to provide a centralized way of managing all those fine-grained GDPR-required consumer data consents, it offers a series of screens displaying consent options for various kinds of data and contexts for which you, the user, agree. Here’s a sample screen:

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