LEGO logic rocks marketing automation

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I love watching my son master a LEGO set. Logic is the key ingredient in putting a set together, especially the super complex models that require many hours to assemble.

The LEGO company is smart. For the complex sets, the company breaks the whole into units, which are packaged to be built separately. The assembled sections are then added together to create the overall object.

The unit approach makes it much less overwhelming, while also making it easier to find the right pieces. It also helps kids realize success as each section is completed.

An added bonus is that the sections become a pathway to producing something different and creative. Many times my son has reused those units by putting together modules from a variety of sets to create something different and original, thereby expanding his enjoyment of the toy.

Marketing automation has a lot in common with building LEGOs. Complex marketing automation campaigns designed and built unit by unit are easier and more effective than an entire campaign implemented as a single unit.

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