Manufacturing FAQs: The workhorse of content and search marketing

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Today, you can find FAQs on all types of websites, from local “Main Street” shops to global multinational corporations and everything in between. FAQ pages help people find answers to questions — and in doing so, can help improve customer service and the user experience.

They can also reduce the number of times a customer support person has to answer the same question over and over, freeing them up to deal with more complex questions or issues (or better yet, sales).

For small manufacturers, a general FAQ page can provide answers to standard questions such as:

  • how to place an order, or if a minimum order exists.
  • what credit terms are.
  • how to schedule a tour of the facility.
  • how shipping works (e.g., “Do you ship worldwide?”)
  • what your industry certifications are (e.g., ISO.)
  • how you handle custom orders or applications.

But FAQs can cover much, much more than standard business questions; they can also provide information related to products, services and processes.

For example, doing a search for, “Metal stamping frequently asked questions,” turns up a fair number of FAQ pages for various companies, but I particularly like this one from Advantage Fabricated Metals. Their FAQ section includes seven FAQ pages relating to their processes, as you can see in Figure 1. Nice!


Figure 1: Advantage Fabricated Metals FAQs

What my agency likes about FAQs like this is that they deliver so much value — especially with regard to content and search marketing. They can be repurposed, they can improve organic search rankings, and they can even be used in your AdWords campaigns.

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