MARKETING CLASS: Generating Email Leads + Build Your List with “Paid” Subscribers

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tim bourquin, After Offers

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Tim Bourquin, teaches the leadgen + list building strategy that’s “blown-off” by amateurs but the little-known, (not so) closely guarded secret of real online entrepreneurs.

Tim Bourquin is a proven entrepreneur who’s sold several online businesses and the founder of AfterOffers.

In this training you’ll learn:

– The (controversial) word-for-word subject line that gets 55% open-rate in the 1st email.

– The proven, autoresponder schedule to maximize revenue from your email leads.

– The (little-known) re-calculation you need to make in your marketing math to maximize the success of this strategy. (This “miscalculation” is the reason why most people fail or give up 1-foot before they strike gold with this marketing strategy)

– The truth about how “pretty” or “ugly” your emails – which work better?

– Where to put your links in email to maximize click-through-rates

– What should you send, content or links to content – if you want to maximize sales?

– Exactly how much you should expect your open-rates to drop during the life of a series (so you can more accurately forecast)

– How much you should pay for email lead.


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