MarTech Recruiter Erica Seidel & Healthgrades SVP Jay Wilson discuss recruiting the right martech role

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As the martech landscape continues to evolve at a breakneck speed, finding the right marketing technology talent could arguably be the biggest martech challenge companies face right now.

Earlier this year, Jay Wilson, SVP of marketing platforms & services for Healthgrades, and his CMO, Andrea Pearson, decided the organization needed a marketing technology leader who could add a new level of “fervor” to their mission of aggressively going after consumer-engagements.

“I play that more traditional martech role, but I also pivot between our CTO and CMO,” says Wilson.

Wilson says he’s more tech-forward and that Healthgrades wanted to find a more strategy-forward candidate — someone “squarely in the blur” between technology and strategy.

Wilson worked with Erica Seidel, the founder of the marketing recruitment firm The Connective Good, to recruit and hire Healthgrades’ new Director of Marketing Technology.

In their upcoming “Inside the Search for the Martech Unicorn” presentation at this year’s MarTech Boston Conference, Wilson and Seidel will take attendees through the process they used to fill the role.

Also taking the stage will be the new hire to offer his side of the story, giving the audience a 360-degree view of the recruitment process from all sides involved.

Today, Wilson and Seidel give us a sneak peek of what they plan to cover at MarTech Boston and share their thoughts on recruiting marketing technology talent — and how they see the martech leadership roles among the C-suite evolving along with the technology.

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