MASTERS Live and Online Internet Marketing College

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MASTERS Live and Online Internet Marketing College™

MASTERS is a $10,000, one-time tuition fee for our Tecademics College of Internet Marketing. Your tuition includes 120 credit hours and allows for 2 people to attend. The college education is a two-year program, with the second year giving you the right to repeat or audit the classes you attended in your first year.

Tecademics signature product brings students into a physical classroom to learn, share, and explore the concepts and strategies for maximizing internet marketing success. It is a two-year program offering for two people, so bring a friend or business partner to learn alongside you.

Year 1:

  • Students can complete a total of 120 credit hours
  • Students take pre- and post-tests to measure learning
  • Students and student partners can attend the same or different classes

Year 2:

  • Student and student partners can audit courses taken in the first year and student partners can attend the same or different classes

Auditing classes is a great way to understand the principles without using your credit hours. Because we believe that repetition is the mother of retention, if you retake a class, it will NOT cost you credit hours. These classes are LIVE, structured, and taught by expert practitioners with real experience in the field. The MASTERS curriculum is developed by Ph.D. and Master’s prepared educators with deep knowledge in the science of learning known as Instructional Systems Design (ISD). Click HERE to access marketing college.


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