Netflix signs alliance with Walmart to sell products inspired by its content

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It is no secret that thanks to the pandemic, ecommerce has become the main way by which people consume many products. Giants like Amazon , Shein and Walmart increased their sales significantly in this period of time. Netflix , in order not to be left behind in this market, presented where you can find merchandise from different series. However, they did not want to stop there and teamed up with Walmart to further expand their sales possibilities.

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The alliance involves retailers creating a specific section for the platform’s products called The Netflix Hub . The goal of selling these products is for streaming users to connect more intensely with the content, generating greater brand loyalty. The first thing that will go on sale will be t-shirts and jackets from the series ‘ The Squid Game ‘ and ‘ Stranger Things ‘.

In the statement from the retail company, they explained that products beyond clothing will be available in the coming months. Fans will be able to buy music, games and toys with the theme of their favorite series. The Walmart blog post lists some products from series like Ada Twist, Scientist, CoComelon, Nailed It !, Squid Game, Stranger Things, The Witcher, andWaffles + Mochi, which will be available soon.

In addition, they will develop a dynamic in which fans can vote for the merchandise they want to buy. This selection will be called Netflix Fan Select . With this type of activity, they plan to generate more engagement with the brand and make the relationship of users with Netflix stronger and stronger. It’s definitely about renew or die.


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