Newsletters Aren’t Dead — And They Can Help You Make Money. Here’s How Newsletters Are Providing a Unique Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

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Exactly a month before my birthday, I challenged myself to launch a newsletter within 30 days. Without dedicating excessive time and effort, I launched Discovery Dose, a newsletter that helps you expand your general knowledge on various topics.

This started as an experiment to confirm my analysis of the current entrepreneurial landscape. I realized that entrepreneurs are facing certain challenges that require a modern approach.

Challenges faced by entrepreneurs today

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a double-edged sword for entrepreneurs. While AI opens up a new frontier of possibilities, it also significantly shifts the business landscape. Automation is becoming cheaper and more accessible, threatening to render some skillsets obsolete. This situation makes it increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves based solely on expertise.

This is not to say that I am against the “AI Revolution.” I believe that it provides more opportunities than it seizes. However, it is undeniable that certain expertise no longer cut it with the exponential growth in the capabilities of AI.

The technological revolution has not just raised the bar for products and services — it’s set it soaring. To outshine the competition, entrepreneurs now need to exceed these standards. Most entrepreneurs face resource limitations that make meeting, let alone surpassing, these high standards an impossible task.

Today, launching a business is no longer the Herculean task it once was. However, this ease of starting a business has led to a significant rise in startups and intensified competition. With the growth of the top 1% of startups, the business battlefield has become more ruthless than ever.

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The solutions newsletters present

1. A New Age of Content Generation

With tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney, high-quality content creation has become accessible and easy, even for those without a background in content creation.

Therefore, newsletters don’t demand substantial resources, unlike some other alternative internet ventures. Once the content flow is established, the focus shifts to marketing, making this a feasible venture for many entrepreneurs.

2. Leveraging Your Creativity

In the world of newsletters, creativity is king. Unlike other sectors, you don’t need a multimillion-dollar R&D budget to compete — you just need a unique voice and valuable insights that people want to keep up with.

Take, for instance, James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter. Thanks to its novel concept, it has gained over 2 million subscribers, not because of hefty investments. Its appeal comes from its simplicity and value-packed content — three short insights, two quotes and one question every week.

It’s an excellent illustration of how newsletters can thrive on creativity and original thought. This formula is unique because it provides actionable advice in an easily digestible format, proving that a distinctive voice and valuable insights are the keys to success with newsletters.

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3. Utilizing the Attention Economy

In the race for customer attention, media-centric approaches often win. Consider the growing networks of startups focusing on media assets; attracting and retaining attention is their primary objective. How else can you defeat the increasing competition?

4. Limitless Expansions

A well-established newsletter audience can be leveraged for expansion into almost any field. The audience’s attention and trust in your content can provide a solid foundation for further entrepreneurial ventures.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The easy entry into the newsletter field means saturation is inevitable. Look at directories like — newsletters covering almost every topic imaginable. Hence, strategic promotion, quality content and a unique selling proposition become essential.

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Best practices for launching a newsletter

1. Know Your Audience

Every successful newsletter begins with a thorough understanding of its audience. Conduct surveys, use analytics and do what it takes to understand your audience’s interests, challenges and preferences.

In addition, personalization is a key concept in building a strong audience. This is more than using your readers’ first names to address them. Segment your audience and tailor your content to each group’s preferences. This can significantly boost engagement and open rates.

2. Get the Structure Right

In the inbox battle, your first weapon is the subject line. It should be intriguing and personal and offer a clear benefit that motivates the reader to click open.

When it comes to the contents of your email, make it interactive with quizzes, polls or even a simple question that encourages readers to respond. This creates a sense of community and increases engagement. Remember, a newsletter is not a monologue. It is an experience.

Finally, what action do you want your readers to take after reading the newsletter? Make sure it’s clear with a compelling CTA.

3. Engage with Quality Content

Content is your newsletter’s heart. It should be well-researched, valuable and presented in an easy-to-digest format. Use bullet points, infographics or even humor to keep it engaging.

Use AI tools like ChatGPT for content creation and grammar checks. They will enhance the quality of your newsletter and make the creation process faster and easier.

4. Be Consistent

As a newsletter owner, your goal should be integrating your offering into the daily routines of your subscribers. Ensure your newsletter follows a consistent schedule, be it daily, weekly or monthly. This helps your readers know when to expect your next newsletter.

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5. Promote. Promote. Promote.

With thousands of newsletters, standing out requires clever marketing and promotion tactics. For instance, with Discovery Dose, we found a fun way to promote our brand by printing beer coasters with fascinating alcohol-related facts and distributing them in bars across Europe. This unconventional approach piques interest and establishes our brand in a memorable way.

Your next breakthrough might be just an email away. Always analyze your target audience and the market for potential opportunities and niches to capitalize on.


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