Outsourcing Content Marketing? Here’s How to Make That Partnership Successful

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So you’ve outsourced your content marketing (or you’re considering doing it). Outsourcing can be an effective way to achieve your content marketing potential without hiring a full team in-house.

In fact, half of B2B marketers outsource at least one component of their content marketing, and 84% of those outsource content creation.

But whether you outsource content creation to a team of freelancers or to an agency, relinquishing control can be daunting. How can you let go of the reins and let your content partner take the lead in creating your content without diminishing its quality and effectiveness?

Whether you’re worried about voice, industry knowledge, or strategy, there are ways you can ensure your content meets your expectations of quality when you’re working with your outsourced content creation partner.


We all have a voice that is uniquely ours. The phrasings we use, the words we choose, and the personality that ties it all together help us communicate who we are.

If a content marketing provider asks you to decide what topics you want blog posts written on and then comes back with 10 completed blog posts the next week, run in the opposite direction. That’s how you end up with low-quality content that in no way sounds like you or your company.

So how can the members of an outsourced team possibly understand the unique voice of your company’s subject matter experts?


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