Prime Day 2017 was Amazon’s biggest sales day ever

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It should come as no surprise, but for the record: Amazon says yesterday’s Prime Day was its biggest sales day ever.

Amazon doesn’t share exact figures; instead it only gives data points that are relative to past performance. In this case, Amazon says this year’s Prime Day “grew by more than 60 percent compared to the same 30 hours last year, and sales growth by small businesses and entrepreneurs was even higher.” Internet Retailer estimated earlier this week that Amazon sales would top $1.5 billion in the US and $2 billion worldwide.

Perhaps the bigger news, and in the long term more important to Amazon, is that the company also says “more new members joined Prime on July 11 than on any single day in Amazon history.”

The company says “tens of millions” of Prime members bought something yesterday, a figure that’s more than 50 percent better than 2016. Again, Amazon doesn’t release a specific membership count; the most recent estimates peg the number at 85 million members in the US.

Big day for Amazon devices

Prime Day 2017 was also a boon for Amazon’s own product lineup. Worldwide, Amazon says it sold 7x more Echo devices than it did the previous year.

But Echo Dot was the big winner this year. Amazon offered Dot, the mini version of its original Echo speaker, at an all-time low price of $34.99. Consumers responded: Amazon says Dot was not only the top-selling Amazon device, but also “the best-selling product from any manufacturer in any category across Amazon globally.”

Overall, Prime Day 2017 was the biggest sales day ever for Amazon’s entire device lineup. The company says it saw record sales of Echo, as well as Fire tablets and Kindle devices.

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