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Picture it: Boston, 2017. You’re sitting in the crowded airport waiting for your flight, trying to kill some time before your flight to New Orleans by playing around on your phone. First you search for some of the top restaurants in your destination to map out your ever-important Cajun meals. Once that’s settled, you pop over to Instagram to see what everyone else is up to.

Then, an ad for a restaurant app ends up in your feed. Might as well download it, since you’ll be searching for places all week. Fast forward to Friday night, and you get an email from the app for discounted happy hour drinks. You take advantage of the offer — you eat, you drink, and you are happy.

These various brushes with Louisiana’s finest eats were no coincidence. There are many channels that influence a person’s path to purchase, and each should hold importance for a marketer. In fact, an astounding 92 percent of people utilize more than one channel when they browse — from apps and websites to ads and old-fashioned trips to a store.

The case of the Southern cuisine is a prime example of omnichannel marketing, which hits from all angles and engages people wherever they are. It may already be a buzzword you’re growing tired of hearing, but it’s here to stay — and mobile is a really important part of it. Since people frequently hop between channels while interacting with a brand, omnichannel marketing allows marketers to pick up on where a user has left off and keep them moving through the funnel.

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