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What Do 6 Saas Startup Entrepreneurs (With a Combined Total Of $35 Million in Sales) Know About Validating, Marketing, Selling and Scaling a Saas Business, That You Don’t?

In this (paid) course, 6 saas startup founders reveal what they’ve learned about building a successful software as a service business, the hard way, so you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

Saas Entrepreneur 1 : Growing a B-to-B Saas From $0 To Over $35,000 a Month in 15-Months (Bootstrapped)

  • How he validated his idea and got paying customers on day-1
  • To free-trial or NOT to free-trial ? (What worked for this saas founder)
  • Tactics for reducing churn below 5%
  • His pricing strategy for b2b saas

(Saas Entrepreneur 2) How a (Former) Employee Bootstrapped His Saas Startup And Grew To 1500 Monthly Customers

  • The (surprising) lesson about free-trials that catapulted their growth
  • The ONE question this founder asked that helped him scale his saas business, fast
  • Why a developer made the strategic decision to outsource his software (after trying to built it himself)
  • BONUS: 3 psychological secrets he learned (in the trenches – working for a billion dollar company) for closing big money deals


(Saas Entrepreneur 3) From Employee With An Idea to 10,000 Paying Users & 50 Employees In 3-Years


(Entrepreneur 4) How a Crazy Idea and a $60 Website Turned Into $80,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue (In Spite of the Fact That His Market Told Him It Would NOT Work)


Entrepreneur 5: How One Founder Built a 6-Figure Lifestyle Saas in Real Estate – With Zero Technical Experience


Entrepreneur 6 : Lesson in Building a Saas On The Side of His Service Business


  • Instant Download
  • Format: 6 x mp3
  • Length: 5+ hours
  • Listen: Online or mobile device
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


100% Money Back Guarantee (As Always)


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