SEO vs. PPC: Which Search Marketing Strategy Should You Choose? [Infographic]

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Marketers aren’t always sure what role search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising should play in their search marketing strategy, overall, and in specific marketing campaigns.

Each tactic or channel has its advantages and disadvantages, which become more or less important depending on your intent and objectives, your product or service, your industry, and more…

But SEO tends to be a long-term stratagem, whereas PPC is a short-term one. And the former is highly useful for building brand awareness and authority in the market, whereas the latter is an effective and practical means of generating revenue—selling.

Chances are, in the end both SEO and PPC can be useful, to varying degrees, in implementing your search engine marketing strategy. But how, exactly?

An infographic by SpyFu, a provider of competitor keyword research tools for SEO and PPC, outlines the pros and cons of PPC and SEO.

To figure out what each can do for your marketing, check out the infographic:


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