Seven Social Media Content Trends for 2020 and Beyond [Infographic]

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If “be where your customer are” is good advice for marketers—and it most likely is—then social media is a potentially invaluable medium for marketers.

Three-fourths of the US population uses at least one social media platform, and roughly half of the world’s population is expected to be using at least one social platform within a year or so.

Whether social media is already an integral part of your marketing strategy or you think it’s just not right for marketing your business, social media is in constant flux. Therefore, you might need to consider modifying your social media strategy or launching one for the first time ever, depending on the changes and trends in social media.

For example, among various current and upcoming trends, consumers now want location-specific social media content, they want content tailored to their social media activity, they have taken to using ephemeral content, and the members of Gen Z will likely be driving VR and AR adoption.


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