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Snapchat iPhone Users

Snapchat iPhone users can’t secretly record snaps anymore.

Snapchat notifies you when someone uses iOS 11’s new Screen Recording feature to save your Snaps.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile software rolled out to iPhone users last month, and there has been a lot of confusion and concern around the new tool.

At first, Snapchat allowed iOS 11 users to record other people’s Snaps secretly, without the person who posted them realising.


That’s different to the way the app handles regular screenshots, which you always get a warning notification about.

  • 1/11Draw with emoji

    You can draw with emoji rather than regular digital brushstrokes by tapping the pen icon after you’ve shot a snap and then hitting the symbol under the colour palette.

  • 2/11Create your own Geofilter

    You can create your own Geofilters, for occasions like weddings and birthdays, or even for places that are special to you. Go to Settings, hit On-Demand Geofilters and choose when and where you’d like it to appear.

  • 3/11Use multiple filters

    Once you’ve applied a filter to your snap, tap and hold the screen with one finger and swipe with another to layer another filter on top of it.

  • 4/11Save data

    You can reduce the amount of data Snapchat munches through by enabling Travel Mode. Find it by swiping down from the main camera screen, going to Settings and scrolling down to Manage Preferences.

  • 5/11Understand emoji

    From here, you can also learn what those emoji that appear next to your friends’ names mean. Change the ones you want to change by tapping on them.

  • 6/11Message symbols

    It’s also useful to understand what Snapchat’s different-coloured arrows and squares mean, so you’ll no longer be unsure whether you can open a message in public or not.

  • 7/11Snapcodes

    Create your own Snapcode GIF by swiping down from the main camera screen and hitting the Snapchat icon and then the camera button.

  • 8/11Collect trophies

    You can find out how many Snapchat trophies you’ve earned by tapping the trophy icon above your Snapcode. You can unlock more by trying out new things with the app.

  • 9/11Hide things you don’t like

    The Featured section is definitely one of the worst Snapchat features. Fortunately, you can hide stories you have no interest in seeing by tapping and holding it, then selecting Hide Story.

  • 10/11Snap Map

    Snap Map caused a huge amount of controversy when it launched, with people afraid that the feature could expose children to danger. You can access it by pinching the camera screen, and hide yourself from fellow Snapchat users by tapping the Settings icon and enabling Ghost Mode.

  • 11/11Share music

    You can Shazam a song within Snapchat by tapping and holding the camera screen. Once it identifies it, you can share the song with your friends.

Snapchat confirmed that was the case to Mashable.

However, the company added that it would change this with a Snapchat update, though the person doing the recording would need to have downloaded it.

The update has since been released, meaning Snapchat now informs users every time their updates are recorded using Screen Recording on iOS 11.

That’s good news for users, but it doesn’t mean they’re safe to post anything they want.

As has always been the case, everything can still be saved by someone else.

The only difference now is that Snapchat will tell you when this happens, regardless of whether it is done using Screen Recording on iOS 11 or a phone’s regular screenshot feature.

As the company states on its support page: “Snapchatters who see your messages can always potentially save them, whether by taking a screenshot or by using some other image-capture technology (whether that be a separate piece of software, or even simply taking a photo of their screen with a second camera).”


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