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Entrepreneurs have to juggle a lot between operations, logistics, human resources, and more. But if you can’t generate leads for your business, you can forget about growth, and you can start preparing for a short-lived business venture. In the new normal, lead generation is a little more complicated as companies have more options for services and everybody is remote.


If you’re in need of lead gen help, look no further than Prelo. A lifetime subscription is on sale for just $59.99 (reg. $1,800).

Prelo was built to help small businesses and founders find and connect with decision-makers at fast-growing startups at a precise time in their growth cycle. It’s all about alignment and timing, and Prelo helps you manage both in your lead generation strategy.

Prelo uses a rating algorithm to identify more than 200 well-funded tech startups across 20 industries every week based on hires, fundraisers, revenue, and more factors. Then, Prelo creates targeted email lists of key decision-makers at the startups that make the most sense for your business, allowing you to send your smart campaigns to people with money to spend. Because it collects data from a range of channels and uses it to build highly curated lists of C-suite contacts, you can rest assured you’re always contacting the right people.

In addition to contact info, you’ll also get access to funding data, LinkedIn details, company websites, and hiring data. Plus, Prelo’s algorithms predict the next fundraising rounds of top startups, so you know when they have capital. It even provides more than 80 industry-tested email templates to streamline your outreach.

Business Development Executive Oksana Shipilova writes, “Prelo is simple to understand and easy to use. Very convenient time-saving tool with reliable search results.” AppSumo also has a 4.8/5 star rating for the subscription service.

Simplify and amplify your lead generation. Right now, a lifetime subscription to Prelo’s Standard Plan is just $59.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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