Facebook Marketing or How To Market on Facebook

How To Market On Facebook

IMPORTANT: Facebook marketing are a GREAT way to drive traffic. Unfortunately, you have to know how to market on facebook the right way if you’ve never promoted an affiliate product using Facebook ads before, it can prove to be a little challenging.

Here’s what we suggest
1. If you’ve NEVER marketed using Facebook ads before GET THIS COURSE so that you can learn the proper way to do it.

2. When promoting using Facebook ads, it is necessary to have some sort of “buffer” between the ads themselves and the affiliate page in order to get your campaigns approved.

To protect your facebook marketing account and our affiliate program, NEVER send traffic from Facebook directly to your Clickbank Affiliate link (Facebook will disable your ads, and possibly even your account. Instead, send Facebook traffic to your own opt in page first, and THEN send your affiliate link via FOLLOW-UP MESSAGES. Even if you try to have someone opt-in and then you redirect them to your affiliate link, Facebook still doesn’t like this.

3. If you’re planning to market on Facebook, we suggest targeting people with the following criteria
  – Over the age of 30
  – Interests: Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank, Internet Marketing (and other similar interests)
  – Countries: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, & most of Europe. Please note that
    Clickbank does not accept payments from many countries, so if you market to people living in
    those countries, you’re just wasting your efforts

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Why You Should Be Buying Facebook Ads Now

Take advantage of lower costs and seize market share.
March 13, 2020 6 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

We’re currently in an unusual landscape for social media ads: Events are being cancelled or postponed worldwide, companies have re-assessed their marketing budgets, and in the United States two billionaire politicians just ended their presidential campaigns (But not before together spending over $780 million on ads).

When advertising on Facebook, a more crowded queue of ads means less people see each ad, and our advertising dollars don’t stretch as far. Retailers and e-commerce advertisers know this well, as CPMs (“Cost per mille”, or the cost to reach 1,000 users) skyrocket during the holiday selling season.

That’s why a drop in demand can be good for brand visibility. Your advertising spend is likely to reach more users for the same price, and as businesses axe promotion to recoup cash, there is less competition for ad units, leaving you an opportunity to step in and capture a larger slice of market share.

Cooped up at home, consumers are spending more time at home and on their devices. Social media browsing is likely on the rise, and when it comes to time on platform, Facebook remains at the top of the mountain.

Here are 3 ways to adjust or step up your Facebook advertising as others pull back.

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Explore the “Reach” campaign objective.

Nestled in the “Awareness” campaign category is the option to optimize an ad campaign for reach. The campaign isn’t explicitly conversion-driven, but when ad units are less expensive, it’s a good time to widen your net and bring more people in at the top of the funnel.

If you use a video as your creative, a Reach campaign actually can be conversion-driven, because you’ll grow your audience of video viewers (users who watch a video for three seconds or more) and be able to run retargeting campaigns just to those who are interested.

Video viewers are a custom audience in the Facebook Business Manager, and custom audiences are what make Facebook ads so effective (and Facebook so lucrative as a company). These audiences’ behavior has proven that they’re interested, and remarketing to them can help you take some of the guesswork out of your efforts.

Other Facebook custom audiences include:

  • Lookalike audiences. These are the holy grail of custom audiences, in my opinion. These users are new to your business, but based on the 52,000 data points Facebook has, have historically behaved similarly to another audience you identify (users who like your page, for example, or past buyers).

  • Engagements. Users who have reacted with, commented on, or swiped through an ad (if using an image carousel or other multimedia placement) can be retargeted.

  • Website traffic. If users visit your business website and you have installed the Facebook pixel into your header code (there are loads of tutorials on this), you can get back in front of them through retargeting.

  • Email list uploads. You can upload a list of subscribers to Facebook for retargeting purposes. Facebook attempts to match email addresses to users. The success rate is wide here, ranging from 40 to 80%, but may be a smart strategy for you.

Use reach campaigns to maximize the number of users reached per dollar and take the time now to build up your custom audiences.

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Test out new ads or variations in copy.

Can you beat your control? There’s no better time to try than now.

A/B testing is a critical step in advertising optimization. As David Ogilvy once said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.”

For all you know, you could be getting leads for half the price with better copy or a more engaging image or video. But until you test it, you’ll never know whether your control really is the absolute best.

Use this less competitive time to experiment with different headline copy, images, videos, and even new ad formats, such as Stories ad placements or Canvas ad formats.

Use slower times to crank out content

According to Demand Metric, 60 percent of consumers are inspired to seek out a product or service after consuming content about it.

If you’re wearing many hats in your business, though, it can be a challenge to stay consistent and continually produce new posts and articles for your audience.

Take advantage of quieter times by hunkering down and creating more “evergreen” content that applies to your business. Evergreen material can be used over and over again, and the benefits of content marketing build over time like a flywheel.

Projects to consider tackling could include

  • Cornerstone content. Also known as pillar content, this content is core to your business website, and is indicated as such when you publish, allowing search engines to more accurately crawl and recommend you. Take the time to create this detailed and informative content, then consider running ads to it to wow your audience.

  • A video series. It’s no secret that video marketing is on the rise. Video has multiple components though, from scripting to lighting to post-production. Consider batching some video production during a slow time, then slice out snippets to use for future advertising creative and content marketing.

  • More customization. Customization is again the hottest marketing trend of the year. Could you add in a retargeting ad after someone buys your product that just says, “Thank you?” Or give a shoutout to a local sports team or school that recently had a big achievement? Get specific and creative in your ads to ramp up brand affinity.

Advertising slots are precious real estate for building market share. Take advantage of newly freed-up inventory and you’ll develop a powerful asset for future revenue and business.

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Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation

Facebook messenger marketing automation bot that having all the functionality of the best email marketing platforms out there driven by the behaviors of the prospect… highly segmented… custom messaging… personal interaction and easy to use.

If you use Facebook in any way, shape, or form to grow your business than you NEED the new Opesta software. It transforms how you’ll use Facebook Messenger in your business. Leveraging your prospects attention on Facebook can be the one thing that could double your business this year.

It can actually increase conversions within 48 hours if someone really uses it. No new work needed either! Just putting the campaigns in place with what you already have.

Opesta was the Facebook Messenger software I didn’t know I NEEDED

If you had to pick the worst marketing strategy to use in the digital age, what would you pick?Maybe, printed mail campaigns or billboards ads? Well, what if I told you it wasn’t those, and I’m 99.9% sure you’re not going to get it because this marketing strategy should FLOURISH in the digital age, not FAIL in it…

The answer is: Chatbots.

A bold statement I know, but let me explain why Chatbots are the worst marketing strategy to use in the digital age. You’d think, they’d be perfect because:

●  Millennials check their phones 150x a day..

●  There are 1 billion active FB Messenger users every single day..

●  Your product is essentially in their pockets..

And, that would all be great. If Chatbots actually worked. Kind of ironically, instead of being the new modern way to market, they’ve dragged us back to the stone age (as far as marketing is concerned.)

The age where you’d be on the phone, and be asked about 328283x to press number 1 for ‘yes’….you’d press it……then the same automated message would ask you AGAIN or say ‘they didn’t register your action.’  Ugh. That was the epitome of frustration, and now Chatbots have tragically taken up that role in the digital age. They are the monster child, of automated sales calls. Long story short watch a video to how Facebook Messenger Marketing Bot will help to your business online.

This is the future of Facebook Messenger Marketing, so it makes sense to register now and be ahead of your competition.

How To Consistently Get 90% Open Rates Without Changing One Word !

3 Strategies to Revive And Grow Your Facebook Business Page

Business pages are still valuable, but the way to leverage them has changed.
February 13, 2020 5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Long gone are the glory days in which posting to your Facebook business page would mean reaching the majority of your followers. Even as Facebook creeps closer to the 2.5-billion user mark, business-page posts are notorious for low reach, often being shown to account for 5 percent or fewer of a page’s total like count.

Part of this design is by design, to encourage you to cough up the bucks and advertise. But as Facebook continues to grow, the sheer amount of material in a user’s feed also becomes a factor; each Facebook user can like up to 5,000 pages, be in up to 6,000 groups and have up to 5,000 friends.

The feed can only hold so much, and Facebook realizes people spend more time on the platform when their feed is filled with updates from their personal communities, so it’s likely that groups and personal-profile updates are getting the lion’s share of visibility. (Have you seen the TV commercials for Facebook groups lately? The tech giant is pushing groups hard.)

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Fortunately, there are workarounds for this lack of visibility, and if you feel a Facebook presence helps increase awareness for your business, you should invest time and energy in your strategy. As a content strategist, I continually evaluate what works best on Facebook and help others do the same. Facebook didn’t stop working; it’s just that many entrepreneurs are using strategies that became antiquated years ago. If you want more marketing return from your Facebook business page, consider adopting one or all of these approaches.

1. Embrace the live stream

Facebook Live became a feature for all users in 2016, but many entrepreneurs are still hesitant to adopt. Thing is, live video receives more weight on the algorithm than posts with other creative such as photos or videos. (Facebook has stated that a live video receives, on average, 10 times the engagement of a non-live post.) Not only will you cut to the front of the algorithmic line, but you’ll also have push notifications sent out to some of your followers informing them of your livestream.

When you’re able to engage with users in real time and respond to comments, more comment dialogue is likely to appear. Consider broadcasting a longer Facebook Live stream to give yourself more runway for comments and conversation. Do your quote-box posts yield hundreds of comments? I didn’t think so.

2. Personalize user experience with Messenger

Bots get a bad rap on social media because of the proliferation of fake profiles and automated comments that have invaded many platforms. Pairing a Messenger bot strategy with your Facebook business page, however, can be a smart personalization play. A recent McKinsey report predicts that “personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success within five years.” If you’re not solving for personalization now, you’ll soon be left behind in the market.

A Messenger sequence can help answer user questions automatically through pre-built content. If your tech team is robust, you could also build your own bot from Facebook’s developer instructions. For entrepreneurs allergic to code, ManyChat is a popular, user-friendly tool whose features include assigning certain commented words or phrases to custom Messenger pushes, allowing you to tie post engagement to Messenger subscriptions. If you’re wanting more personalization still, with a little AI sprinkled in, ChatFuel powers the Messenger strategy of many Facebook pages whose followers are in the millions.

The main benefit of Messenger marketing is that you actually reach your target audience; multiple campaigns boast open rates of 80 percent or higher and clickthrough rates of 20 percent or higher, engagement that email marketers can only dream about.

3. Pay to reach your warm audience

A small investment can go a long way in increasing post visibility when you advertise to your existing page likes. Since you’re a familiar face, users may not even realize you’ve sponsored the post in order to appear in front of them. As Gary Vaynerchuk points out, attention is a currency. And while consumers say they increasingly ignore ads, what they actually ignore are ads not relevant to them. If they like your Facebook business page, you’ve already overcome a relevancy hurdle. Custom audiences are Facebook’s biggest marketing weapon. Instead of wondering who did or didn’t watch a video, measure it by sponsoring a video post, then retarget users who watched it for a notable amount of time.

Still need to grow your audience? Here are a few less-warm audiences that are actually low-hanging fruit and worth your advertising spend:

  • Your email list can also be uploaded to Facebook, and Facebook will do its best to pair email addresses to users’ profiles; the match rate is usually 50-80 percent.

  • Targeting “friends of page likes” can be a good page-building strategy, as Facebook will show users the number of friends that like your page prior to showing the ad creative; 92 percent of consumers trust endorsements from their friends.

  • A lookalike audience is technically an audience of strangers new to your brand, but these users statistically have similar data markers and behaviors as your existing page likes or email subscribers, which increases the chance they’ll become engaged.

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If you have an existing page with an audience and engagement has dropped off, don’t let your hard-won asset go belly-up. And if you’re just starting a page, consider adopting these alternative approaches to grow and engage with the millions of users who visit the platform each and every day.

From Facebook to SEO, Learn How to Build Your Brand With These Courses

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January 20, 2020 1 min read
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