The desktop’s death has been greatly exaggerated: How it’s holding its own in a mobile world

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Sometimes when I’m talking to search marketers, I feel a little bit like Jan Brady — but instead of everything being about “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” the conversation turns to “mobile, mobile, mobile” as we ponder the potential micro-moments and ways to increase a brand’s mobile presence.

We are now seven years into the mobile revolution and have seen huge opportunities and growth in mobile advertising, both in the US and in emerging markets. The continuous growth in mobile queries as they officially outnumber desktop queries on Google and show no signs of slowing down has led a shift in the marketing mix of mobile versus desktop advertising in search.

This makes sense — according to Gartner, global smartphone sales were expected to hit 1.5B units in 2016, reaching market saturation in most developed countries. But I wouldn’t give up on desktop search quite yet and move all of my advertising dollars to mobile, and here’s why.

[M]arketers always overestimate the appeal of new things and underestimate the power of traditional consumer behavior.

Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

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