The LAD Bible takes No. 1 spot from UNILAD as March’s most popular video creator

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For eight of the last nine months, UNILAD has ranked at the top of Tubular’s list of the most watched video creators, followed by The LAD Bible at No. 2. The only exception was last December, when the two switched places and UNILAD dropped to second place.

Last month, The LAD Bible once again overtook UNILAD to claim the top spot, but this time, instead of falling to No. 2, UNILAD dropped all the way to the No. 4 position, behind The LAD Bible, Viral Thread and NTD Television.

To take the lead, The LAD Bible generated 3.2 billion video views, 2 million more views than it got in February. More impressive was Viral Thread and NTD Television’s jump above UNILAD. Viral Thread earned 9 million more views in March than it did in February, and NTD Television (a Chinese media company based in NYC) earned 4 million more.

UNILAD’s March numbers were up only slightly over their February views: 3.15 billion compared to 3.10 billion.

The remainder of the list had few changes beyond 5 Minute Crafts and T-Series breaking into the top 10, in place of World Star Hip Hop, which ranked No. 8 in February, and the NBA, which ranked No. 10.

All creators in the top 10 list for March surpassed the billion-view mark.

For brand creators, Red Bull kept its lead with 391 million views, 116 million more than it earned in February. Lego, which ranked No. 3 in February, moved into the No. 2 position, and Samsung, which didn’t rank at all the previous month, shot up to No. 3 last month.

Samsung, Uber, GreenYatra, LG USA and Hasbro all found their way into the top 10 after not ranking in February. After only four brands seeing more than 100 million views in February, all 10 of the brands to rank in March generated more than 100 million views.

With a combined 70.1 billion video views, overall numbers for creators and brands were up 18 percent in March compared to February.

Tubular’s monthly video rankings are based on total views generated across YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram.

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