The psychology of search: Unleashing the power of connection

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Why do companies large and small invest billions of dollars each year in search engine optimization (SEO) and other search marketing tactics? There is more to the answer than, “Because it just works.”

The truth is that there are a number of psychological principles that can explain why search is such an effective form of marketing. Understanding why users interact with some search listings and not others can help you craft a better user experience, from the initial click all the way through to the conversion.

Every decision we make based off one of two motivations: We are either looking to avoid or remove pain, or we are looking to gain pleasure. Pain and pleasure drive us to look for ways to make our lives better.

Pain and pleasure are key driving forces behind every person’s action. As search marketers, we can use this understanding to help us better align our products, services, website pages and search strategy to connect with people on a deeper level.

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