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If you are targeting local searchers and have not employed a “Near Me” SEO strategy, I think it’s time we had a talk.

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As you can see, Google Trends data shows explosive growth of “things to do near me” queries worldwide. But it’s not just “things to do” — it’s pretty much every query that has local intent.

Of course, it’s not like people just woke up a year or two ago and decided it was time to start doing “near me” searches. This is more a result of Google, and Apple’s Spotlight Search to some extent, increasing the number of queries that suggest “near me” as an option as search goes more mobile (and thus more local in intent). And fat fingers being what they are, we hit the first suggestion near us. I mean, look at the search volume just for “near me!”

Near Me SEO

And even though “near me” appears to be a mobile-driven phenomenon, across our client base we are still seeing more than 50 percent of the traffic from these queries coming from desktop — and more than 80 percent of the clicks.

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