Tour the Offices of the Makers of BarkBox, Where Humans Work and Dogs Play

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Bark, the company behind the dog toy and treat subscription BarkBox, naturally has a dog-friendly office. The three open-plan floors of the company’s newly expanded headquarters in Chinatown, Manhattan, are dotted with fun yet functional accents for both people and canines to enjoy. The result is a space — and a selection of products — inspired directly by how pups play.

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It also reflects the modern Scandinavian aesthetic of co-founder Henrik Werdelin, with glass, cool blues and warm woods serving as the backdrop for piles of technicolor dog toys and hand-drawn prototype sketches. In the open floorplan, employees sit at long “hygge”-style desks, meet in glass breakout rooms named after Domino’s Pizza cheesy breads and congregate around the kitchen taps that dispense cold brew and rosé on demand.

Canine cartoons, office dog-yoga or “doga” sessions and other playful features can spark creativity at anytime, pushing the startup to keep innovating for both species of its clientele.

Click through the slideshow to take a peek inside.


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