Twitter announces what’s ‘Happening Now’ for sporting events, and plans for a bookmarking feature

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Two helpful new features are making their way to a Twitter feed near you. One will help with cornering the real-time market, and the other will help with the overall user experience.

“Happening Now” is launching with sporting events and will make it easier to find tweets about events happening in real time. Bookmarking, also dubbed Save For Later, has been announced and planned, but it hasn’t been rolled out to the masses.

Happening Now

Twitter Moments were met with mixed reviews, but they truly are an important element for the social network for less regular users. Twitter is hands-down the go-to source for real-time, and tying Tweets to a source/event is where Twitter really shines. With “Happening Now,” Twitter will be pulling in current hot topics — at the top of the news feed. Hardcore Twitter users may find this excessive, but it does make sense. There isn’t a better source for live data, and a more casual user may well embrace the change. The end result (shown below) is a hybrid of Moments and Twitter search, all rolled into one:

Feel the roar of the crowd, no matter where you are.

We’re rolling out a new way to see what’s happening now, starting with sports in ??! Available on Android and iOS starting today.

— Twitter (@Twitter) October 10, 2017


This addition is long overdue. Not everything is as black-and-white as a retweet or a like. What if you simply are interested in a topic, but you don’t have time to consume it at the moment? In the modern ecosystem, you’d either have to like it as a way to bookmark it in your likes or bookmark with your browser or extension/plugin and circle back. With the new feature, you’ll be able to bookmark directly in the Twitter environment:

For Hack Week @Twitter we started developing #SaveForLater. Here’s the early prototype that we put together in a week, which is likely to change.

— jesar ? (@jesarshah) October 9, 2017

This feature is still being built out while the design is being “dialed in,” but it is coming soon.

For more information, see Tweets from Twitter’s VP of Product and Twitter’s Help Center.

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