VIDEO: Samsung once again mocks Apple to announce its new smartphone, but the strategy worked against it

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May 25, 2021 3 min read
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The rivalry between Samsung and Apple continues to give something to talk about in the world of technology. The South Korean company decided to announce its new Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone with a strategy that previously worked well for it: with a video (several, actually) where it mocks Apple . However, this time things did not turn out in their favor and the criticisms of the Internet users made it clear.

During the last week, Samsung published three videos on its YouTube channel in which it compares the functions of its new device against those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max .

The first two clips highlight the power of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s hybrid zoom with the phrase ‘Close enough?’ . Its combination of cameras is capable of multiplying x100 the size of a photo while respecting the quality and sharpness of the image, something that exemplifies with shots of the moon and a sandwich, respectively.

The third video shows a feature that, according to Samsung, Apple devices do not have: take photos and video simultaneously “with a single click” .

Samsung’s comparison against Apple was not to the liking of social media users, who responded with ruthless criticism .

In the comments of the video, netizens have described the Korean company as “pathetic” and “desperate .” Some of the messages that can be read in the clips are:

  • “Dear Samsung, as a long time user, please stop making fun of Apple (and any other company) as you have now and in the past, it is very unprofessional and I cannot take you seriously when you do that .”
  • “It’s crazy how all companies try to go after Apple in their ads … As if they know that Apple is superior and they always try to prove that they are better than Apple. It’s actually pathetic … Come on Samsung, hehehe ” .
  • “These desperate ads are just as embarrassing as the Samsung brand ambassadors caught using iPhones .”

Samsung and Apple have fueled their rivalry for years, picking up on each other countless times and claiming to have the best smartphone on the market.

However, the last time the Galaxy manufacturers trolearon the readorescof the iPhone had to recant. In October 2020, Samsung teased that the iPhone 12 did not include a charger and headphones , but only two months later they had to delete the posts, because their new Galaxy S21s also came out without such accessories.


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