What would ‘El chavo del 8’ look like in a Nintendo version

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August 19, 2021 3 min read
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By Brenda Medel

Probably, El chavo del 8 is one of the best-established comic shows in Latin America -with a presence, even in the United States and Spain- whose relevance continues to be as important as when it premiered on the Mexican small screen 48 years ago. So much so, that the Roberto Gómez Bolaños series continues to break down barriers to position itself as the favorite of Ko Takeuchi , Nintendo’s video game artist and designer, who has dedicated a couple of illustrations to them in the pure style of the characters of the Japanese company.

From his official Twitter account , Ko Takeuchi, known for having designed the characters of the WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven franchises, printed his peculiar animation style to give life to a new version of E l chavo del 8 and Don Ramón :

El Chavo del Ocho #ElChavo#Chaves# Méxicopic.twitter.com/QFhYPKwxQb

– 竹 内 高 (takeuchi ko) (@Kosan_Takeuchi) August 9, 2021

DonRamón # DonRamón#Chaves# Méxicopic.twitter.com/Ees4hCeK75

– 竹 内 高 (takeuchi ko) (@Kosan_Takeuchi) August 11, 2021

El chavo del 8 Nintendo

Source: Ko Takeuchi viaTwitter

It is not the first time that we can appreciate the characters of El chavo del 8 in their animated version. As we know, there is a cartoon series entitled The animated guy ; In addition, in 2012 a video game was distributed for the Wii, Android and iOS console. In 2014 El chavo Kart went on sale, whose game system was very similar to Nintendo’s Mario Kart ; However, the game was only available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Currently, there is a version available for Android and iOS devices of El chavo Kart .

Who is Ko Takeuchi?

Born in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan in 1970, Ko Takeuchi is a video game artist and designer. The creative has been part of the Nintendo team since 2000. His work includes several titles from the video game series WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven , although he has also collaborated on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate . Among the range of characters he has created are Wario, 18-Volt, 9-Volt, Ana, Ashley, Dr. Crygor, Dribble, Jimmy T, Karate Joe, Kat, Mona, Pyoro, among others.


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