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About SMS Marketing:

It’s quick, easy and convenient for businesses. We can send out large bulk SMS messages all at once in the click of a button. We can then track who clicked our links and see who has unsubscribed from our messages.

– 98% of all text messages get read (Source: Gartner)
– 95% of all texts are read within 3 minutes (Source: Forbes)

Which means businesses love SMS marketing because they can virtually guarantee that our messages will get read instantly!

What businesses use SMS marketing for

There are lots of ways businesses are using SMS marketing, whether that be through an SMS API  or an online SMS Web Platform.

– A new product or service
– Sale or offers
– Notifications
– Delivery updates
– Appointment reminders
– Important news
– Customer Service
– Support

Basically SMS marketing can help businesses with anything and everything!

SMS Marketing Changed Everything

I’m sure we’ve heard this a thousand times “businesses make money when they send emails”…
but how much money is your email COSTING you…

Have you looked at your active: inactive ratio lately?
I did…and I knew I had to something about it, it was killing my deliverability, and costing me money to mail dead contacts…or were they dead? 
The solution I found ended up SAVING my business…reactivating THOUSANDS of “dead” contacts, even 3x’d omy promo revenue in the process…

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my career, but none have been as profitable or needle moving as this. If you want to bring new life to your business, increase your revenue and scale, without increasing your ad budget by a single dollar…

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