Why Content Marketing Delivers Effective Results for Startups

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December 3, 2020 5 min read
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  • As the world has gone digital, the creation and dissemination of content on any platform has become the daily bread, the problem now is how to stand out in the sea of information found on the internet.

2020 made it clear to us that the digital world is more important than ever, people use all the technological resources they have in their power to make a purchase decision; In other words, before making a decision, the customer is already informed about the solutions available to their problems, since they find great convenience in researching and comparing their options online, without the seller having arrived on the scene.

It is more than evident that the pandemic accelerated the adoption of many digital solutions and the customer controls the process like never before. According to data from Statista in 2019, 91% of companies worldwide already had a content strategy, 46% of companies spent 10k UDS for this in the same year, considering that the most important metric is lead generation .

2020 should make it clear to you as a startup that one of the most important digital strategies that exist in this context is the one that refers to content marketing (content marketing) by asking us one of the key questions “What content should you be sharing in the middle of this crisis? ” (which by the way remains uncertain for everyone). As the world has gone digital, the creation and dissemination of content on any platform has become the daily bread, the problem now is how to stand out in the sea of information found on the internet. The answer seems obvious, but if it is not, we are going to tell you: create relevant and valuable content for your audience.

How can your startup create valuable content right now?

First, you should know that Content Marketing is a strategy that seeks to attract and retain customers by providing informative, entertaining and customer-oriented content that builds a relationship and builds trust.

The pandemic put us in a poignant situation, leading brands to empathize with their customers. If as a startup you did not act in the same line this year, consider that for 2021 content marketing strategies should have empathy and generosity towards your audience as relevant points, providing them with content that allows them to resolve at this time and that of course , heed your call as a solver to your needs.

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You will be successful if in addition to creating valuable and relevant content, you have measurement elements

It is not enough to create a content strategy, to define that what you decided to share is of value to your audience, that it is entertaining, that it is something that you want to share. How will you know that it is indeed being successful? How do you know that you are using the right formats and channels and that your audience is moving through a conversion funnel until they are ready to buy from you? The answer lies in the metrics you use.

Measuring the impact of your work correctly will allow your startup to adapt to the market, take advantage of the results, iterate if necessary, that is, change strategy if something does not work.

Based on a survey conducted by Semrush in 2020, the following considerations were defined: the best metrics for content marketing are organic traffic (76%), potential customers (62%), start of sessions or page visits (60% ) and conversion rate (47%).

At G2 Consultores, a consulting firm specializing in startups, we recommend:

  1. Implement a content strategy, for this,
  2. Make sure you know your audience to define what content you are going to give them
  3. Consider the formats and which channels you are going to use
  4. Define your KPI’s, since it will be the only way to measure if you are succeeding or not
  5. Make sure you have the person who will implement it. The content strategy is not something that you should do sporadically but it should become an activity of your company.

Creating a content strategy will give you effective results for your startup , however, if you don’t know how to do it, we suggest you go along with an expert. You will realize that the results will always be more fruitful for your company.


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