Why martech data should drive ad tech

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It’s not a shock to say that chief marketing officers (CMOs) today are likely spending significant time on tech solutions management — often taking them away from their core marketing focus.

A big portion of a CMO’s role today is to drive the marriage of martech and ad tech into a unified stack that provides a 360° view of their consumer. This more complete consumer view is what powers a CMO’s efforts to develop and deploy rich, integrated marketing programs designed to engage and nurture customer relationships, as well as drive consumer acquisition and advocacy. But the processes of integrating martech and ad tech can be all-consuming, especially because platforms that comprise the technology stack do not always speak harmoniously to one another.

To avoid drowning in the complexities of marrying platforms, I suggest an iterative approach to integration that focuses on data and its complete journey through the martech and ad tech platforms. In an ideal world, data is the engine that gives marketers the 360° consumer view. It enables a marketer to identify and enhance all the trigger points in their relationship with consumers, powers their ability to build macro- and micro- consumer target profiles and provides them specific direction for media placement, messaging and media types.

By focusing on how data flows through the stack and impacts marketing programs, a CMO gets a much clearer path forward for their integration efforts.

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