How To Write A Linkedin Summary

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How To Write A Linkedin Summary Ideas

Am going to explain how to write a linkedin summary below:

1. Build a multimedia profile.

Most profiles on LinkedIn are just plain text — how boring is that? Build a visual profile and you’ll instantly stand out. This LinkedIn feature (called “Professional Portfolio”) allows you to share presentations, photos, videos, links, PDFs and more. So use it to your advantage and show off your creative work!

2. Go for detail.

Elaborate on the areas that simply wouldn’t fit on a hard copy resume, like an odd job, volunteer position, or success story. I included my coursework when I was job searching just out of college. I never would have put that on a hard copy resume — information overload! — but it had its place on LinkedIn, where potential employers could see I’d taken classes to gain desired multimedia skills.

3. Write a killer summary.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the summary blank or limit it to a few bland sentences. This is your chance to be creative and describe who you are and what you’re passionate about. Make it personal, while also highlighting key accomplishments you don’t want anyone to miss.

4. Give recommendations and endorsements.

Give and people are likely to give back to you. It’s a chance to help your fellow professionals, and it establishes you as an authority.

5. Ask for recommendations.

These make for a priceless first impression! You know people who would gladly recommend your work, so ask them to do so on LinkedIn. But don’t rely on LinkedIn to do the asking for you with their recommendations request feature. The best approach is to ask in person or to write a personal email sincerely expressing what their recommendation would mean to you.

This was is a simple ideas how to write a linkedin summary.


Tell stories. Share your accomplishments. Everyone likes a good story. If you can grab some attention with something about yourself that we wouldn’t know from your resume bullets, you’re heading in the right direction. Why hope that they’ll make it far enough in your Experience section to read about what you’ve done? The Summary is your first chance. Grab it.




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