Yext literally helps drive customers to stores with ‘Ride with Uber’ integration

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Yext, which offers a portfolio of location data and presence management services, has added a novel option for customers: a “Ride With Uber” button. It literally helps drive foot traffic to business locations.

Retailers and marketers can integrate the button into any of their digital assets, such as their websites or email. There’s also the option to include customized content or messages to customers during the ride (e.g., offers, menus, product information/sales). Yext has integrated the Uber API into its “Location Cloud.”

Ride with Uber, Yext

Another useful feature allows the business to provide specific a drop-off location so the customer arrives at the desired entrance, not nearby. There are also B2B uses: one of the examples in the press materials is a health-care firm using it for job interviewees.

Yext sees this as a marketing vehicle for its customers. It’s also a marketing vehicle for Yext, which competes with a range of other firms in the presence and location data management arena.

If the customer doesn’t have the Uber app, he or she will be redirected to an Uber splash page or to the iOS App Store or Google Play to download the app. Yext is not its customers charging for the capability.



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