Your Guide to Incredible Landing Pages: 5 Must-Have Elements, 10 Great Examples, 5 Best-Practices

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Landing pages have become a digital marketing staple. Marketers now spend countless hours planning, building, and testing a range of landing pages. Despite their popularity and the amount of resources invested in them, however, landing pages don’t always perform as marketers expect them to.

If you’re going to smash your landing page conversion goals, you’ve got to do everything right—technical implementation, promotion, design…

This article will help with the inspiration and advice you need to make your next landing page incredible. In it, we’ll look at

  • The most important elements of landing page design
  • Ten of the best landing page examples
  • Five landing page design best-practices to apply immediately

Let’s start.

Five Most Important Elements of Landing Page Design

Before we look at some examples for landing page inspiration, let’s go through a checklist of five design elements you simply must include to succeed.

1. Consistent Branding

Landing pages are an extension of your brand and so need to reflect its unique personality. That means that they should follow your brand and style guidelines to the letter.


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