Zero to $2-Million Generating Leads Online in 5-Years with Matt Frary

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For the first time, Matt Frary, talks about how surviving the Tsunami in Thailand inspired him to build multiple online businesses, become a millionaire at 31 and start,, a unique performance based affiliate marketing & lead generation agency from scratch from his home-office, grew it into millions in revenue and made it into the Inc 5000, in less than 5-years.


Chief of Chaos, Matt Frary, is smart and hard-working but early in his marketing career he struggled, financially. Returning home after surviving the Tsunami, he was broke, confused and looking for career direction. An email from his friend, changed his life…

“Call me! I just made $9-Million doing what you taught me to do!”

That email inspired him to start his first online business ROIRocket and grow it to $40 Million total revenue over 6-years before exiting.


– Used to run the affiliate program for Twitter

– Became a millionaire at 31 after successfully selling ad network, ROIRocket.

– SmarterChaos $2.2M online revenue in 2014, on pace to double revenue in 2015.

Best Business Advice

The best way to fund your company is not to raise money from investors, but to go out and get sales.

Worst Advice

The advice to “hire a professional CEO” cost him millions of dollars in losses. (Find out why in the full interview)

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If Matt Frary Was Going to Write a Business Book, Based on His Experience It Would Be Called


In this raw, behind-the-scenes interview you’ll also learn:

– The new type of ad network that’s generating 10x more revenue than other networks – and “spitting out money like a virtual bank machine.”

– How often you need to “refresh” or change your online ads to maximize click-through-rates

– The (shockingly) simple but profitable business model he’d follow if he had to start from scratch no money. AND the huge market of consumers he would focus on.

– The powerful business lesson he learned working on the Mercedes Benz SmartCar – that helped grow SmarterChaos so quickly

– The fad all marketing “experts” and “gurus” are preaching – and what you should really be doing.


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